Name: Sweetie

Sex: Female

DOB (approximate): Unknown, estimated 2014

Reason for admission: abandoned at sanctuary

Resident since: January 2019

Our lovely little Sweetie was abandoned at the sanctuary in January of 2019. One morning as volunteers arrived at the sanctuary to start the day, they discovered poor Sweetie had been tied to the tree out front and abandoned. We assume she was run over by a car, as she had no use of her back legs.


After weeks and weeks of daily physiotherapy sessions, she began to show use of her legs, and could then stand for short periods of time. The kind folks at K9 Carts provided her with a wheelchair, which enabled her to heal even further. We are now so pleased to say she can walk again!

Because Sweetie is still sometimes wobbly on her feet, it isn't safe for her to be in a pen with our big dogs, but we've found the perfect solution: she now happily lives at our volunteer house, and loves spending her days playing with the local dogs, and escorting the volunteers to and from the sanctuary.

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Updated July 14, 2020