Name: Nipper

Sex: Male

DOB (approximate): June 2009

Reason for admission: born at sanctuary

Resident since: June 2009

Don't be fooled by his name! Nipper doesn't nip! He's a sweet boy who has been a part of the sanctuary family his entire life! Old Nipper has lived at the volunteer house for years now;  he loves his laid back life taking snoozes on the porch, and escorting the volunteers to the sanctuary, but his most important role is being our fierce protector of the volunteer house property - he greets all volunteers with a loud bark, followed by some serious tail wagging if he knows you. 


Let's face it, Nipper is really happy at the sanctuary, so we have no intention of ever making him leave. Would you interesting in sponsoring this sweet old man?

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Updated July 14, 2020