Name:  Nembu

Sex:   Male

DOB (approximate):  April 2011

Reason for admission: Dumped at the sanctuary

Resident since: June 2011

Nembu came to the sanctuary with his brother Zollie at a very young age, so life at the sanctuary is all he really knows. While Zollie was adopted and now lives in Canada, Nembu is so used to sanctuary life, that we feel he is happiest here.

We really cannot sing this boy's praises enough - we probably say this a lot but he truly is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met!  Despite being the alpha male in his pen he has such a gentle and calm personality which means that he rarely gets into any squabbles, and when it comes to people he is an absolute softy! Despite his size he seems to think he is a lap dog when it comes to the volunteers, and although he can be a bit cautious with new people he quickly ends up belly-up on any lap he can find.

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Updated July 14, 2020