Name:  Liquorice

Sex:   Female

DOB (approximate):  January 2015

Reason for admission: abandoned by owners

Resident since: March 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, ideally as single dog, outdoor access preferable

Ah Liquorice... what can we say about this adorable, feisty little girl! Despite being abandoned at the sanctuary by her so-called owners as a puppy, Liquorice has grown into a very good natured and energetic dog - playing around in the water on her daily walks can keep this young girl entertained for ages! She is a very loving and friendly with people, and you can always count on her to be happy to see you. 

Liquorice is a petite 'small-to-medium' sized dog with adorable fluffy ears and a big fluffy tail, but don't let her cute looks fool you! She can definitely stand her own when it comes to other dogs and doesn't let her pen-mates get the better of her even though she is the smallest one of the bunch. While we feel that Liquorice would thrive in a home as a single dog as she can be quite protective over her food, she gets along well with other dogs in general and loves to play and interact. We are looking for a forever home for this sweet girl with an owner who has patience and lots of affection to give - with an outgoing personality like hers she is sure to make a wonderful addition to any family!

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Updated July 14, 2020