King & Queen


Names:  King & Queen

Sex:   Male (King) & Female (Queen)

DOB (approximate):  unknown, approx 2012

Reason for admission: abandoned by owner

Resident since: January 2019

Neutered: Yes (both)

Suitable With:  Quiet family, must be adopted together

This inseparable duo came to us in January 2019 with their son Jowkun -(nicknamed Prince). They were brought to us by their owner who is a nurse at the local hospital. When he was hired, he moved into the accommodation provided by the hospital, and unfortunately his neighbours disliked dogs and threatened to poison them.  He begged us to take his dogs - he even paid for their little houses to be built, and promised to return once a month to see them and bring food. Unfortunately he has not returned since January, so we are considering these sweet dogs as abandoned.

Kuntan (nickednamed King) and Jownah (nicknamed Queen) are quite the pair. While King gets nervous about his environment, Queen is a relaxed, cool-as-a-cucumber type who isn't bothered by much. They both absolutely love going for walks with volunteers, and their favourite activity is going for a cool-off swim at the local lake. They never turn down an opportunity for a snuggle with a volunteer, and love making new friends.

Since these two have been living (and making puppies!) together for so long, they must be adopted together so they can continue to love and support each other. Do you have room in your house and heart for two sweet lovers?

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Updated July 14, 2020