Name: Giovanna

Sex: Female

DOB (approximate): October 2015

Reason for admission: dumped at the sanctuary in poor health as a kitten, along with sister Francesca and brother Alberto

Resident since:  December 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With: Large or small family size, as a single cat or with others, outdoor access recommended but not mandatory

Our little Giovanna is such a sweetie - this young girl was abandoned as a kitten with her sister Francesca and brother Alberto, and even though they are all grown up they are still the best of friends! Alberto is the only boy so he is a bit more independent, but we would love to find a home for both Giovanna and Francesca as they really are an adorable little team and are very close.

Much like her sister, Giovanna gets on very well with the other resident cats , and although she is quite shy at first she also loves really people and human attention. Both of these girls would really flourish in a forever home, as they both love being around people and would really benefit from being able to socialize more and gain confidence. Whether you already have a cat or not, these playful and cuddly girls would be the perfect addition to any family!

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Updated July 14, 2020