The easiest way for you

to donate to our sanctuary is to send us a donation

via PayPal. 

If you'd prefer, you can send a bank transfer directly to our bank account

in Thailand, overseen

 by our longstanding manager.

Denise Emsley

Bank of Bangkok

2, U-Thong Road

Ban Nua Muang District

Kanchanabiri  71000

A/C     327-412412-6

Swift      BKKBTHBK

Sort Code    60-93-98

Please consider setting up a recurring payment of whatever amount you feel you can afford. It is always a frightening prospect to think that at any point, we will not receive enough support to carry on, so regular donations like these really do make all the difference. Thank you!


Most of these items are things that we always need, but some of them are a one off! Anything you can get to us would be greatly appreciated. 


– Tick & Flea collars

– Dog & cat cones/collars: extra large and small sizes

- Antiseptic/protective wound spray (ex. Aluspray)

- Opsite spray

- Silvadene Cream

– Yellow and blue catheters

- Urinary and Gastric catheters

- Spot-on Parasite/Worming/Flea/Tick treatments

- Conforming bands/bandages

- Soft bandages

- Crepe bandages

– Vetwrap or any other stretchable adhesive bandage

- Fixomull bandages

– Cast material for broken bones

- Micropore tape

- 1ml, 2ml and 5ml syringes

- High energy food paste (in tube, food supplement)

- Ivermectin Injectable

- Euramox Injectable

- Xylazine injectable

- Tramadol injectable

- Clavamox 125mg or 250mg

- Fucthalmic eye drops

- Rigamox eye drops

- Gentamicin eye drops

- Corti Biciron eye ointment

- Erythromycin eye ointment

- Merizole Injection

- Catheter bungs

– Haemostatic medicine (ex. Hemoced)

- Puppy Pads

- Iodine/Betadine solution

- Paper towels


– Endotracheal Tubes for Cats (from size 1 to 3,5)

– Surgical instruments: especially Allis forceps and large artery clamps.

– Stethoscopes

- Blood Transfusion Bags

- Suture Material: [expired maximum 1 year] Catgut size 2 without needle, Catgut size 1 with needle, Vicryl sizes 0-0, 1-0, 2-0 or 3- 0 with needle



– Portable X-Ray machine

– Gas anaesthetic equipment

– Blood analyser

- IV stand

- Surgical Table

- Surgical Lamp

- Medium size cages (for recovering inpatients)

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