Bernie & Arthur


Names:  Bernie & Arthur

Sex:   Male (both)

DOB (approximate):  February 2014

Reason for admission: mother died in car accident, no owners

Resident since: March 2014

Neutered: Yes (both)

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, preferably together as brothers, outdoor access preferable

This cheeky (and adorable!) pair are incredibly loving brothers who are always more than happy in each other's company... well, except for when it comes to food! Dubbed the 'Blues Brothers' by one of our volunteers, Bernie is definitely the shyer of the two - he can be quite timid at first and will make you work for his cuddles, but once he is familiar with you he's lovely and sweet! 

Both boys love to play with each other. They generally don't pay much attention to other dogs during their walks, but they love to - must - smell every single tree! Bernie is the investigator (he especially loves the water) and Arthur is happy to follow along, so we would love to find a home for these two where they are able to explore the outdoors and get all the exercise they need. These guys make the perfect team and would be ideal companions for anyone adventurous who is looking for two loyal, and energetic best friends to join them for the ride!

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Updated July 14, 2020